The home is an example of what social scientists call a “sacred space,” one that we fill with material things but also with meaning. It’s where we engage in private family rituals — eating, praying, loving — and it’s where we let our guard down. It’s a place where we set the terms and have control. Failing to govern that space and keep it safe creates a feeling of not only insecurity but profound inadequacy.

The post-traumatic stress of home burglary

What would burglars take if they broke into your home? For one writer, material losses pale in comparison to the psychological.

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Cellphone Notification Trolling

If you want to really mindfuck someone, learn to imitate their cellphone’s notification noises. It’s the kind of prank that has the power to send any potential victim into a Pavlov fit of insanity, or at the very least piss them off until they catch on. That’s exactly what Manfred Hanberg did to his friend who has no idea he’s been trolled until after checking his phone several times.